It's a Waiting Game...

October 16th, 2019

Waiting for clients...
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If you're a web developer, Marketeer, SEO professional - or a florist - you know all about the "waiting game". Waiting for clients to come knocking on our proverbial door, asking for our services. & that waiting game can make you either second guess your skills as a professional & the quality of your code/store, or it will motivate you to use this time of waiting to streamline your sales process, manage that bloated code, & give you valuable time in quality link building.

That's what I'm currently doing...waiting. & as I wait, I've been working on this website as well as my other sites. Also, researching Google search trends. As a matter of fact I found out today that Google will begin to view blog comments as "not valuable", & so their link juice will no longer flow. That's big news for alot of SEO people, Marketeers, & hobbyist alike. While this news doesn't affect targeted & relevant new traffic to your website, this does have strong implications when it comes to link building.