Who Remembers Netscape Navigator?

July 31th, 2019

Do you remember the browser wars?

"Netscape: Netscape was the first company to attempt to capitalize on the nascent World Wide Web. It was founded under the name Mosaic Communications Corporation on April 4, 1994, the brainchild of Jim Clark who had recruited Marc Andreessen as co-founder and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as investors."

Blink html tag

Let me start out first by saying that I cut my teeth on Netscape Navigator back in 1995, when I first viewed the source code of a webpage. I was fresh out of school (Heald Institute of Tech, where I got my Associate's Degree in Computer Science), & I was hired on by Applied Materials two weeks before I graduated from Heald. I remember that this was the first time I hacked a departmental support page I was assigned to use to document my end-user support requests. I began reading up on HTML (& watching the Linux Team work their code in the Marketing Dept), I so I added the "blink" tag to all the titles on the page! Haha, talk about tacky! But I loved the fact that I could add markup to modify the text! I was hooked on HTML, and I can thank that ol', depreciated "blink tag" for it! Hahaha - the "blink tag"!!!

So as I dove head-first into HTML (& "white hat hacking", which I will talk about some other time...), I began to create my own support pages, & would host them on Applied Materials' servers, in my personal account. Ha, then I jumped into the wonderful world of Javascript! Ha, I had too much fun hacking web forms with Javascript alone, - & that's when I really got interested in hacking...

So on my own personal computer, I began to host my pages, installing Apache Web Server, & there is when I ran head-first into the browser wars. You see, Microsoft, which would shove Internet Explorer into every install of Windows, had their web browser out, & their HTML code rendering engine was different from Netscape's - the same but different. (& by the way, I've been doing tech support for Microsoft Windows since Windows 1.0, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, etc, since 1995, & Linux DE's since 2004...)

& that's when I discovered the wonderful world of FOSS (FOSS: "Free Open Source Software"), Linux operating systems, & Web Standards. Let me tell you, the browser who has failed to keep up & support web standards has been MS Internet Explorer...

More about this tomorrow...