• Create an original website for you
  • Fix hardware or software issues on your laptop or desktop computer
  • Virus removal on your laptop or desktop computer
  • Setup your home wifi network (or office network setup)
  • Market and otherwise enhance your business website

Computer & Laptop Repair, WiFi integration, etc!

Laptop repair services

Is your desktop computer running so slowly, that you can grab yourself a cup of coffee even before it boots up? Does your laptop have so many viruses, you've grown fond of all the pop-ups, like they are your best friends? Well, say goodbye to those problems because we can "clean up" your computers and get you back on the fast-track to productivity!

Desktop Computer repair services

Or maybe your in need of upgrading to a 1 terabyte solid state drive on your laptop to replace the existing 30gb, 7200rpm hdd? Well that process can seem a bit daunting to some, so that's why we are more than happy to do the upgrades for you! From memory upgrades, to hard drive installs, to building a custom desktop computer to fit your exact needs, this is everything we can do for you!

Oh yeah, let's not forget virus detection & removal! Did you know that even if you successfully remove a virus from your Microsoft Windows computer or laptop, the actual virus' "payload" will have already done its destruction within the Windows registry?!?! - & by the way, that's why we personally run the Linux operating system on our computers (Ubuntu Linux)!

wifi setup services

Most techy products today are wifi enabled, & with Google Home (including smart lightbulbs), & Alexa devices - you literally can be online & connected in your home 24/7. Many of these devices are very simple to use - plug & play - but there are those occasional times & that we run into complications. And those complications can turn us off to certain devices, which we really really wanted. Well, that's where we can come in and handle all the technical stuff that will allow you to be online & connected!